Welcome to Abermas

Abermas is one of the Bumiputeras’ leading companies in Industrial Service and Supply in Malaysia. It’s focused on the Compressed Air System and Air Purification for Medical, Commercial and Industrial field. We offer various types and brands of Air Compressor, Air Dryer, Air Receiver, Vacuum Pumps, Air Booster, Filtration, Desiccant Products, Spare Parts and Industrial Oil Lubricants. With our technical expertise and experienced engineering team, we are also contributed our services and maintenance care in various sectors including Heavy Industries, Automotive, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Agricultural, Service Centre, Hospital, and Educational Institution, through Malaysia and Indonesia.

Abermas always provide the best service and quality for each client to maximize the effectiveness every work produced. Through the expertise of highly skilled workers, Abermas also use the diversity in each of the services offered. For customers who have problems in determining the budget and cost effective arrangements for the new unit or projects, they can get a full consultation at no charge from us. In addition, we also ensure that customers' interests are looked after with full responsibility in helping their production process runs smoothly without any interruptions. Please inquiry us to get better explanation.

Our Projects